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Gutters Mandurah

Welcome to DLP Contracting. We provide a range of exceptional services to residential and business customers throughout Mandurah and surrounding areas throughout the Peel region. We are a professional contracting business specialising in roofing repairs, supplies and maintenance. We’re fully qualified, insured, and have many years of hands-on experience. We are here when you need us and can help with almost any of your roofing concerns. Call our friendly team today!

Gutter repairs Mandurah

Guttering systems are arguably one of the most important parts of your roof. They are designed to catch the falling rainwater and direct it away from your property. Gutters are vital in protecting your home or business from built-up rainwater which can cause water damage. It is fundamental that your guttering system is working correctly. There are some common issues that can occur with your guttering system, especially in older properties.

Sagging – Over time, gutters can begin to sag which can be caused by a build-up of debris which the gutter cannot support causing sagging. It can also be caused by loose brackets or screws. Over time, sagging gutters will likely fail and cause major issues in the event of a downpour. 

Holes – Older guttering systems or inferior gutter products can corrode over time which can cause holes in the gutters. Holes will cause leaking and will stop your gutters from doing what they need to protect your home.

Splitting – Splitting can be caused by a number of factors and can cause leaking, bowing, sagging and complete gutter failure.

Leaks – Leaking is caused by holes, sagging, splitting or clogged gutters. Sometimes leaking can be an easy fix.  If left for a long period of time leaking gutters can cause serious issues, not only to your guttering system, but to your property.

Joint separation – Gutter joint separation can be caused by clogging or poorly constructed guttering systems. Separation of the joints will inevitably lead to leaking. 

Clogged gutters – Although clogged gutters doesn’t sound disastrous, if left for a long period of time clogged gutters can cause major and very expensive problems. 

Small gutter issues can lead to severe problems which can result in the need for a whole gutter replacement. We want to avoid these issues and can do so by regularly maintaining your gutters. In the event that you have run into some gutter damage, we can help you to repair them. Whether it be leaking, sagging, or something else, we have the experience and equipment needed to diagnose and repair your guttering system. We use high quality tools and products to ensure that your gutter repairs not only fix the issue but make your gutters stronger than ever.

Arrange A Free Measure & Quote Today

We can come to you for a free in-home measure & quote across the peel region

We Value your privacy. We will always protect your information. Privacy Policy

Arrange A Free Measure & Quote Today

We can come to you for a free in-home measure & quote across the peel region

We Value your privacy. We will always protect your information. Privacy Policy



How can I arrange for someone to repair my gutters?

That’s easy, get in touch with us today by either phone or email. We can discuss the issue with you in more depth, then arrange a time to diagnose and repair the issue. Our team will be able to provide you with a quote and a timeframe for the repairs to be carried out.

Re-guttering Mandurah

Re-guttering or gutter replacements may be required in the case that your gutters have been damaged beyond repair, whether it be from a recent storm, fallen branches, or lack of maintenance. Our specialist guttering team can remove and replace your old gutters. We use high-quality materials, accessories and contractors to ensure that your new gutters are built to last and can withstand the harsh Mandurah weather conditions.

We offer a range of genuine Colorbond replacement gutters in a range of styles and colours. We can supply and install colonial, quarter-round, slotted or standard gutters depending on your roofing type and your aesthetic requirements. Suitable for single and double-storey homes, our replacement gutters will be sure to offer your home the very best protection from the rain. We will also remove your old gutters and dispose of them prior to installing your new guttering system.

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How long does a gutter replacement take?

Generally, we can carry out gutter replacements in a day or less. In some cases, it can take a longer amount of time depending on the size of the roof. We will always provide you with a timeframe to ensure that you know roughly how long the process will take.

Do my gutters need replacing?

In the case that we can’t repair your gutters, we would recommend a full replacement. Replacing the gutters completely is sometimes the only option.  Should your gutters need replacing, we will talk you through your colour and style options, costs, and installation timeframes.

How much does a gutter replacement cost?

Gutter replacement costs can vary depending on the size of your property, the damage incurred, the style of gutters you want to install and more. After assessing your guttering system and establishing that it is too damaged for general repairs, we can discuss costs for a full replacement and provide you with an affordable quote.

Don’t leave your home or business exposed to the damage that can be caused by improperly functioning gutters. To protect your valuable property, our experienced team can help you today. So, for gutter repairs, full gutter replacements or any of our other roof maintenance or repair services, get in contact with a member of our friendly and experienced team to find out more. You can contact us by phone, email, or by filling in a contact form on our website.

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