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Roof Repairs Mandurah

Welcome to DLP contracting! We provide a range of supply, install and repair services to both homes and businesses throughout Mandurah and surrounding areas in the Peel region. We are highly experienced and fully qualified to carry out the necessary works. Our services include patio supply and install, roof repairs, reroofing, asbestos removal, guttering, commercial sheds and roofing, roof extensions, cladding, and, residential shed supply and installation.

Roof Plumbing Mandurah

As qualified roof plumbers operating in Mandurah and throughout the Peel region, we provide a range of high quality roof plumbing services. We can supply and install roof plumbing such as downpipes, guttering, roof flashings, and other kinds of roof coverings. We can supply and install roof plumbing onto a brand-new roof or replace your old plumbing.

Roof plumbing is an essential part of your roof. It aids in the protection of your home by directing the rainwater away from your property. Poorly installed or damaged roof guttering can cause a myriad of problems that can be expensive to repair. Issues caused by damaged guttering can include pooling of water, damage to foundations, corrosion of materials, leaking, and, in worst case scenarios, complete degradation of your roof. 

Our aim is to supply and install quality plumbing materials to prevent these issues from occurring and save you money in the long term. We attain our materials from reputable and often local roofing suppliers and maintain strict quality control standards. We ensure that our plumbing work meets the highest standards prior to leaving your property and will be available for contact in the rare case that any issues arise.

Some of our roof plumbing services include

  • Diagnosing plumbing issues and repairing them
  • Detecting leaks
  • Measuring and installing downpipes, guttering systems, storm water disposals, valleys, fascias, gutter guards 
  • Installation and roof flashing repairs
  • Roof drainage system design
  • Replacement of roof plumbing parts

Arrange A Free Measure & Quote Today

We can come to you for a free in-home measure & quote across the peel region

We Value your privacy. We will always protect your information. Privacy Policy

Arrange A Free Measure & Quote Today

We can come to you for a free in-home measure & quote across the peel region

We Value your privacy. We will always protect your information. Privacy Policy



How Much Does Roof Plumbing With DLP Contracting Cost?

As our roof plumbing services are so broad, the cost can vary greatly. The cost of a full gutter system replacement will be very different to a small repair job. If you give us a call or send us an email outlining your issue or the services that you are looking for we can establish the best course of action, whether it be attending your property to diagnose the issue further or for installation jobs we can provide you with a quote then arrange an onsite visit to measure the area.

Are The Team at DLP Contracting Insured?

We sure are. Although we take the utmost care when conducting work to your home or commercial property, we are also fully insured for your peace of mind. Our contractors also adhere to strict safety requirements and are equipped with the most up to date training and skill-sets. 

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Roof Maintenance Mandurah

Alongside excellent roof plumbing services, we can also take care of the maintenance of your entire roof. Regardless of the type of roofing material, whether it be tiled, colourbond, asphalt, concrete, or something else, we can get the job done. As professional roofing contractors, we see all kinds of roofing problems from cracking, punctures, shrinkage, blistering, weather damage, tree damage, and just generally poor maintenance. These problems can lead to a range of issues that can lead to expensive repairs. Leaking, dampness, insulation damage, discolouration, bowing of ceilings, electrical faults, mould can all be caused by roofing damage and should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Our professional and experienced roofing team can take care of your roofing maintenance to fix any current issues and avoid them in future. We come fully equipped with all of the latest tools and parts to ensure that every job we do is completed to the highest degree. 

Some of our roof maintenance services include:

  • Roof leaks, diagnosing and repairing roof leaks
  • Repairing or replacing ridge capping
  • Replacing broken roof tiles
  • Repairing and replacing roof flashings
  • Installing, repairing, or replacing whirlybirds
  • Moss and lichen removal
  • Gable repairs or replacement
  • And more!

We also provide emergency roof repairs to homes and businesses throughout Mandurah and the Peel region. If you have any kind of emergency roofing issue whether it be plumbing, leaking or cracking, we can help.

Benefits of Roof Maintenance

A professional roof maintenance service has a range of benefits

Prevents long term damage – Frequent roof maintenance including cleaning, repairs or replacements as required will prevent the risk of long-term issues. Small issues can quickly snowball into large and extremely costly issues. Our aim is to prevent having to carry out large repairs or replacements and keep more money in your pocket. 

Decrease costs – An upfront investment into your roof maintenance will reduce the ongoing costs in the long run. Creating a roof maintenance plan can also help to keep on top of your roof and plumbing maintenance. 

Increased airflow – Damage to your roofing can affect your ventilation system. This can cause air and water to make its way into the home which can cause dampness and mould. It can also open up your home to unwanted pests which can lead to health issues.

Protect interior and insulation – Your roof is there to protect the inside of your home. If there are issues with your roofing and it becomes exposed to air or water then there is a high chance that the inside of your home will suffer, alongside your insulation. 

We provide premium roofing and plumbing services to both commercial and residential customers throughout Mandurah, surrounding suburbs, and areas of the Peel region. If a service you are looking for isn’t listed, contact us to find out if we can help. We are fully insured, licensed and ready to help with all of your roofing requirements. To find out more about the excellent roofing repairs and roof plumbing services that we offer get in contact with us today. You can contact us by phone, email or by filling in a contact form on our website.

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